The Risk of Accidents While Walking to School or Bus Stops in Maryland

Many children and teenagers throughout the United States, especially those who live in cities, walk to school or a bus stop daily. While walking is a healthy and enjoyable mode of transportation for many school-aged children, it can present a risk of a Maryland pedestrian accident. According to the most recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Maryland is the 7th most dangerous state for pedestrians. This ranking is startling for a small state. Following a harrowing accident on National Walk to School Day, safety advocates urge lawmakers to expedite their Vision Zero plan.

The Vision Zero initiative stems from the US Department of Transportation’s Mayor challenge. The program aims to reduce the rate of pedestrian accidents by improving bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. The plan falls under a common framework that emphasizes the “Five E’s.” The “Five E’s” are evaluation, engineering, enforcement, education, and encouragement of necessary systemic changes. Residents and advocates are asking government leaders to add in another “E”: exigency.

The urgency comes after a 29-year-old father was walking his two young daughters to school when a Jeep slammed into them. The father explained that he was dragged nearly 20 feet by the vehicle. His 8-year-old daughter suffered severe injuries to her leg that has confined her to a bed, and his 6-year-old daughter suffered severe facial injuries that will require extensive surgery. Additionally, the family is receiving therapy to help them cope with the psychological aftermath of the incident.

This horrific accident was one of the nearly 180,00 accidents that cause injuries to a pedestrian child every year. The difference between this accident was that it occurred during an annual pedestrian safety event and at an intersection that has been at the core of many infrastructure improvements.

In cases like the one above, there may be more than one entity responsible for the accident. In addition to the negligent driver, the governmental entity responsible for the roadway may be liable to the injury vicitm. While the law provides deference to pedestrian victims, these plaintiffs must still meet their evidentiary burden. The burden includes presenting legally sound compelling evidence, such as witness statements, photographs, forensic evidence, and medical records. A Maryland injury attorney can help vicitms and their families understand their rights and remedies after a pedestrian accident.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Accident

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