Study Finds Baltimore Roads Are Among the Most Dangerous in the Country

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducts periodic studies to improve road safety and accident prevention. Recently, the agency found that the United States had the most traffic fatalities since 2007. Amongst the list of most dangerous highways, the NHTSA found that the stretch of 1-95 near Baltimore, Maryland was home to a significant number of fatal accidents.

Although accidents can occur at any time, certain factors increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries. According to NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data, specific roads, counties, and states present more risk factors to drivers. Generally, the agency designates a roadway amongst the most dangerous based on the number of fatal accidents on the roadway. Fatality rates are based on the number of traffic deaths per 100 miles for every highway in the country.

A critical finding of the study was that 1-95 is the most dangerous roadway in the country, specifically in major cities such as Baltimore, Maryland and Boston. The majority of the accidents occurred during the winter during inclement weather. Statistics indicate that there were 284 fatalities or 14.88 fatalities per 100 miles. While the pandemic brought a drastic downturn in daily traffic, the number of fatalities increased. In fact, there was a over 25% increase from 2019 to 2020 in vehicle-related fatalities.

Many behaviors increase the likelihood of a Maryland accident. Data by The Department of Transportation and NHTSA reveal that increases in speed between 2019 and 2020 are one of the reasons for the rise in traffic fatalities. Generally, even a 10% increase in traffic speed has more of an effect on motor vehicle deaths than a 10% change in traffic volume. Essentially, speed is more indicative of an accident rather than heavy traffic.

Further, seat belt usage often affects the impact and severity of an accident. After an ejection accident, first responders may have difficulty determining whether the party was wearing a seatbelt. However, the ejection rate of a victim provides a valuable tool in determining seat belt usage. Moreover, impaired driving, specifically those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is significantly more likely to experience fatal injuries. A Baltimore, Maryland trauma center study found that almost a third of drivers who suffered fatal injuries had alcohol in their system.

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