State Troopers Search for Driver After Hit and Run

In the wake of a car accident, each driver has a legal responsibility to render aid and provide identifying information to other individuals that are involved. When one person fails to do this, and instead runs from the scene, that person can end up facing criminal charges for a hit and run. A hit and run can also make it more difficult for victims in car accidents to receive adequate compensation for their injuries, especially if they cannot later find the individual that fled the scene.

In nearby Virginia, police officers are on the hunt for an individual that reportedly ran away after a car crash a couple of weeks ago. The crash happened on a major highway when a Chevrolet collided with an SUV, clogging up the southbound lanes of the highway. As soon as the vehicles crashed, the driver of the Chevrolet exited his vehicle and ran away.

Police are describing this man as a white, middle-aged male with red hair. They are actively looking for him so that they can complete their investigation of the crash and properly determine who was at fault. Officers are also asking community members to be on the lookout and call their office with any possible tips.

The second person involved in the crash, the driver of the Subaru, was taken to a local hospital to be treated for the injuries he sustained. At this point, it is unclear how badly this person was injured. Investigators are also still unsure if there was any foul play or substances involved in the crash.

Unfortunately, hit and runs can catch victims off guard, leaving many individuals unsure of where to turn. If you have been involved in a collision where the driver of the second car has left the scene, there might be evidence that supports that driver’s fault in causing your injuries. With the right attorneys by your side, you can bring this claim to court and fight for the compensation you deserve. Medical bills can be expensive, and if you have sustained injuries from an accident that was not your fault, there is no reason you should have to pay those bills on your own.

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