Maryland Car Crashes into House in Prince George’s County

Unfortunately, car accidents are never expected, and though they are part of the hazard of being on the road, they are always unwelcome interruptions. However, these accidents are especially jarring when they come out of a seemingly freak or unusual circumstance.

Recently, a car crash in Maryland caused an uproar after a student journalist shared photos online of the incident soon after it happened. Apparently, a driver was going through a high-traffic spot in Prince George’s County at approximately 40 miles per hour when it ran straight into a local house. In the photos, viewers can see the car flipped upside down with half of its body inside the home. Over 200 people gathered at the scene within 15-20 minutes, shortly after fire trucks and police cars arrived to begin assessing the damage.

Somehow, neither the driver nor anyone in the home was injured in the accident. There was, however, extensive damage done to both the house and the car. It is unclear whether any arrests have been made in connection with the incident. Investigators have so far found no proof of foul play, but the accident has caused an uproar due to its unusual nature and the sensational photos that have been shared.

Though this accident seems like an unusual, unlikely occurrence, the reality is that crashes like this can happen wherever there are drivers on the road. Drivers can momentarily lose focus, become distracted, or even fall asleep while behind the wheel. As technology becomes more advanced, drivers also become increasingly at risk of losing their focus because of phones and other screens. These actions can have dire consequences, sometimes causing victims to become injured or even lose their lives.

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