Types of Damages in Maryland Car Accident Lawsuits Involving Speeding Drivers

Drivers who travel at excessive speeds place other drivers at risk of a serious accident. Driving at high speeds can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. As a result, speeding drivers may collide with other vehicles or veer off the road entirely. In addition, bobbing in and out of lanes while speeding makes it harder for other drivers to maintain a safe following distance, potentially leading to a crash.

For example, a recent speeding accident killed six people in Baltimore, Maryland. The accident occurred when a driver was speeding on the highway and collided with another vehicle while attempting to change lanes. The collision caused her car to go through a construction barrier by the shoulder of the highway, striking several workers at the site. Tragically, six construction workers died at the scene. According to a second article on the crash, investigators confirmed that speed was a factor in the fatal accident.

What Damages Are Available After a Maryland Speeding Accident?

After suffering injuries from a Maryland speeding accident, you may choose to bring a negligence lawsuit to recover several types of damages. In negligence suits, the most common type of damages award is compensatory. The intent of compensatory damages is to place the victim in the same position as if the accident had never happened. In Maryland, plaintiffs can seek several forms of compensatory damages. First, they can seek economic damages, which compensate the plaintiff for expenses with a clear dollar amount. For example, economic damages can include the cost of medical treatment or lost wages. Plaintiffs may also be able to sue for lost future earnings if they can prove their injuries harmed their earning potential. Finally, plaintiffs can seek economic damages for harm to their property resulting from the accident, such as a car.

In addition to economic damages, plaintiffs can sue for non-economic damages, which compensate for the emotional harm of an accident. These often include pain and suffering and, if the victim’s spouse files a claim, the loss of the victim’s companionship or comfort. Finally, on rare occasions, a court will award punitive damages to punish the defendant for intentional wrongdoing.

How Can You Avoid a Speeding Accident?

If you see a speeding driver on the road, do not engage with the driver. Road rage can further irritate the driver and lead them to drive more erratically. Instead, try to pull over on the shoulder or change lanes to avoid the driver. While not all speeding accidents are preventable, these steps can minimize your exposure to drivers traveling at dangerous speeds.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Speeding Accident?

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