Multi-Vehicle Maryland Car Accident Results in One Death after Tractor-Trailer Runs Red light

In Maryland, car accidents occur every day for a variety of reasons, but one common occurrence is due to drivers disobeying traffic signals. Without traffic signals, busy highways and roads would be filled with chaos and more traffic accidents. Devastating car accidents can happen in a split second, which is why obeying all traffic laws and traffic signals is vital to safety. Drivers have a legal duty to follow traffic laws and signals to prevent harm to themselves and harm to other motorists and pedestrians. When drivers fail to follow traffic signals, it can be due to negligence. Such negligence may include driving while distracted or driving while fatigued, because diverting one’s attention away from the roads, even for one second, could result in a car accident. Sometimes determining the cause behind a driver failing to follow traffic signals can be tricky.

For example, last month, the Maryland State Police released a report on a fatal three-vehicle crash in Hartford County, Maryland. The accident occurred in Abingdon, Maryland, and involved a tractor-trailer that was traveling north on Emmorton Road. At the same time, a Chrysler and a Jeep Compass were traveling south on the same road. According to the initial investigation, the driver of the tractor-trailer reportedly failed to stop at a red turn signal and instead proceeded through the intersection of the road. The front of the tractor-trailer struck the left side of the Chrysler while in the intersection. The driver of the Jeep then swerved to avoid a collision, but the quarter panel of the Chrysler struck the front right fender of the Jeep. As a result, the Chrysler traveled off the road before coming to a stop near a brush.

An ambulance transported the driver of the Chrysler to a nearby medical center, where the driver was later declared deceased. The other two drivers refused medical treatment at the scene. The accident led to road closure for the next five hours following the crash. At the time of the report, no charges had been filed and an investigation was pending to determine the cause of the crash.

It can be difficult for accident victims or families of deceased victims to navigate filing for damages after a devastating car accident. From handling insurance companies to proving the cause of an accident, having the support of an experienced attorney can help victims receive the damages they are entitled to receive after such an accident.

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