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Maryland falls in line with other states and requires motorists to carry minimum car insurance coverage. Driving without car insurance in Maryland can result in various consequences to the at-fault driver and any accident victims. While the law prohibits motorists from driving without insurance, that does not deter many people from engaging in this illegal conduct. Getting into an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist can create long-term medical and financial consequences for an accident victim.

The most recent accident data from Maryland shows that there were nearly 116,000 total car crashes in 2019. Approximately 33,000 of those accidents resulted in bodily injury, and over 82,000 accidents caused property damage. Maryland is an at-fault state, which means that drivers are liable for the damages they cause in an accident. However, while the state requires motorists to carry appropriate coverage, about 14% of the drivers in the accidents mentioned above were uninsured. These startling facts reveal that a significant number of accident victims likely did not recover adequate damages through an insurance claim.

While Maryland insurance laws require drivers to carry liability insurance, it is essential to note that this coverage only applies to at-fault drivers who cause injuries to others in an accident. The coverage does not protect a driver for the injuries or damages they suffered in an accident. Some motorists opt to add on additional coverage, such as collision, comprehensive, or medical coverage. However, these are optional and do not apply in every accident case and are not always beneficial to the party who needs coverage. For example, medical payments coverage covers the insured motorist and their passengers, regardless of fault, but does not apply to the other driver or their passengers.

Car accidents are an unfortunate yet common occurrence on Maryland and Washington, D.C. roadways. While a small number of accidents are genuinely the result of unforeseeable consequences, most accidents stem from some form of negligence. Determining liability and apportioning fault after a D.C. car accident can be a daunting task. However, it is a necessary inquiry that injury victims must go through to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve. Maryland and Washington, D.C. accident lawsuits require a comprehensive and detailed understanding of complex tort laws. As such, injury victims should consult with an attorney to determine their rights and remedies after an accident.

Chain reaction accidents tend to be some of the most challenging cases. These accidents occur when an initial impact between two vehicles sets off a chain of subsequent accidents. The series of events ends when the final car does not slam into another vehicle, person, or static object. The fundamental nature of these accidents makes it very difficult to determine fault. While a single motorist’s conduct may have set the events in motion, there may be additional actions that contributed to the final accident.

For example, local news reports described a harrowing Maryland chain reaction accident that resulted in serious injuries to six individuals. The series of events started when one vehicle failed to see an oncoming vehicle. The first car slammed into the oncoming vehicle, which then spun around and crashed into another car. An initial investigation revealed that it is likely that another accident likely contributed to the chain reaction.

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